Self-Confidence: Reader Contribution

The question "does a lack of self-confidence hold back a career?" 
brought several interesting replies from readers. The following is a reader’s contribution:

"Recently I read an article regarding confidence in a workplace setting and was astonished to learn the following figures concerning applying for a job promotion: women would only apply if they felt they corresponded 100% to the job requirements, whereas men would apply even if they felt they corresponded 60% to the job requirements.  

This means among other things, that women are still not applying for positions of responsibility and they don’t have enough confidence in themselves.

This can go back to a young age and be linked to the education in the family and at school. It is very important to educate a child to have confidence in themselves and to explain to them that failures and mistakes are often a step to success."

“If you don’t try at anything, you can’t fail…it takes backbone to lead the life you want” - Richard Yates

Thanks to this reader for their contribution

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