Expatriation:A Family Affair

The moment has come! My last week in this period as an Expat and Accompanying Partner. Work is waiting for me in September!

Lately, I am often asked the following: What did you do and what did you enjoy most from your time as an Expat Accompanying Partner? My reply is spontaneous and honest:

-        Heaps of quality time for my family. The main reason, I put my career “on hold” was to follow and support my family. My family told me that I succeeded in this role and for me, this is ‘My Greatest Achievement’. I thank my family, as they are also my greatest supporters, they listened and supported me during my moments of ‘missing work’. I also thank my friends and mentors for their encouragement during my moments of “questioning”.

-        Seeing our ‘Third Cultural Kids’, mature and grow up as global citizens.

-        Finding myself in a new environment: new country, new encounters (expats or locals). Sometimes, I felt out of my comfort zone, however, I experienced and learned a lot more about human awareness and cultural diversity. 

-        Discovery of a new culture: learning the basics of a new language, visiting museums, local culinary, music… the list is long..

-        Running my first marathon and participation in my first triathlon (relay). Thank you “Coach” and my relay team.

-        Begining of ‘Third Cultural Professionals’.

See you soon…

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