Break your Routine and Unleash your Creativity

Small children are known for their imagination. During play, a child lets their imagination run wild: creating scenarios and characters. As a child, it is natural to imagine and invent magical, fantasy worlds and persons. In general, putting themselves in someone else’s shoes or another world! 

During childhood, a lively imagination comes naturally, it is part of one’s exploration and discovery. As we grow up, many of us tend to leave our imagination in a closed corner of our minds, or, it somehow disappears from our daily lives. Life experiences and perceptions, tend to make us more rational and conformist, afraid of taking risks or doing things wrong.

Research has shown, that, there may be a factor in one’s upbringing, which makes some people more creative than others. Other research, shows that we can all learn to be more creative.

As adults, we can all benefit from taking periodic breaks in our routine, to enhance our creativity. These breaks, can give us a different view on what we do and in seeing problems from a different perspective.

Take time out for the following:

-        Do something different which is not part of your usual routine
-        Travel
-        Listen to Music
-        Dance (let your hair down!)
-        Note down your thoughts and ideas
-        Get out into the open air and walk and/or practice sports in a group
-        Paint, Read, Write, Compose, Theatre practice
-        Surround yourself with people who inspire you.

Creativity can be unleashed and nurtured in adults.
If we combine a child’s imagination with an adult’s knowledge, this should be a winning combination. An adults creativity has a multitude of advantages, such as, problem solving, thinking out of the box or building a new box!

However, having a great idea and making it a business or accomplishment, implies effort and determination. We will not all become the next Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg, but if we try, we will, hopefully succeed in bringing our ideas or passions to life.


As an Expat, you have taken a break from your routine, from past conventions and perceptions. You have created a new environment and way of living. Use this time to observe all that is different in your surroundings. If you incorporate the new findings and experiences with the skills you already possess, this may lead to innovative ideas. These innovative ideas, may also lead to, career opportunities on your repatriation.

Creativity is one of the most sought of skills in today’s workplace. As a returning Expat, this is something which you should highlight in your professional experience.

We live in a connected world where things change quickly. To be successful today, people and businesses must regularly innovate and have new ideas. To be in the flow, you must continually advance.

Life is like riding a bicycle: you don’t fall off unless you stop pedaling”
Claude Pepper

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