5 New Year's Resolutions That Can Work

It is that time of the year again where we are thinking of what we can change or improve in the coming year.  However, despite all our initial good intentions, different research has shown that around 80 to 90% of New Year’s resolutions fail. Most people give up after only one week.

So why continue to set unattainable resolutions each year? Is it because we temporarily feel better by wanting to improve something or are we having external pressure to change something? Most resolutions are around self-improvement, should it be appearance (loosing weight), health (giving up smoking, exercising) or career (advancement).

This year, take the time in the coming days to reflect on how you can make lasting changes that you can stick to and which have a positive impact on yourself and others.

When setting your 2018 resolutions, don’t be too harsh on yourself. Don’t try to dramatically change your life or yourself. When writing down your resolutions, look at yourself in a confident state of mind. Set goal’s that are realistic and which you can aspire to, one step at a time. Work steadily towards improving things!

The following is a list of resolutions that can work and last, and which can lead to positive benefits and self-fulfillment.

1.      Be caring and sincere. In a work context, this can be translated into sharing expertise. In a personal context this can be translated into giving a helping hand.
2.      Communicate this is a great time to get in touch with people in your network. Throughout the coming year, build your relationships. Meet people and develop your social skills.
3.      Be confident.  When you feel good about yourself, your positive attitude may help and impact others around you.
4.      Keep focused. It will help you in accomplishing things and in keeping your New Year’s resolutions and promises to others.
5.      Be kind to yourself. Don’t drag yourself down with negative thoughts. When we are happy, we see things in a constructive manner and smile more.  Smiling has a positive impact on those who surround us.
Write your resolutions down. Put a memo of them on your desk or note them in your agenda. Changing habits takes time and reminders.  

Next year make an encouraging and lasting impact on your life.  With a positive mindset, you will remain motivated and leave a good impression of yourself. 
This will also help in developing relationships and in developing your job search and interview skills. Topics that will be looked at in 2018!

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