The Forgotten Half in Expat Assignments

Today, I was in contact with a globally recognized media who were apparently not aware that “Accompanying Partners” exist and who furthermore, did not appear to understand the role or the importance of the "Accompanying Partner" in our globally mobile world.

I reminded them of some figures (which change from source or year, but which continue to grow).

The figures I have are (a bit out of date, but certaintly the figures have increased since).

-     50.5 million expats worldwide,  and the figure is expected to reach 56.8 million by 2017 – which is 0.77 percent of the total global population.

-     Circa 49% of partners had an employment before expatriation and about 11% of partners found an employment during expatriation.

For some, it seems that the Accompanying Partner, is the forgotten half or they never knew of their existence!

Happy to have your feedback and insight on this important subject.

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