Leaving enough time for the unexpected

It's September, Welcome Back

September means for many: back to school; back to work, or back to the role of caretaker for the family. For many, it is one of the busiest periods of the year. On top of that, if you repatriated or changed country during the summer months, as well as, a return to work, this can add extra stress.

In my case, I experienced a repatriation and a return to work after a long period of absence from work and the summer period where you catch up with family and friends.

For the repatriation, I had prepared a planning and schedule for all the family which included time to adjust to the new environment, but it didn't go exactly as planned. The unexpected happened, nothing serious just minor household problems, which, however, were time consuming. My planning had included some days to relax, but those days were finally used up, fixing the unexpected.  

Lesson learned, no matter how well you are prepared, you should allocate extra days for unexpected events. 

If you have just started your expatriation in a new county, my advice is to fully enjoy each moment of  the new discoveries. If you are, however, in the last year of your expatration period, my advice is still to enjoy it while putting in place the building blocks for your repatriation and if envisaged, your return to work.

I will elaborate on this in future posts.  In between times, if you are an Expat Accompanying Partner or Expat who needs career advice, don't hesitate in contacting me via the blog or on my Linkedin profile:

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