New Professions in Digital and AI

Working in recruitment, I am involved, aware and sensitive to actual and future new professions. Digital and AI make the headlines and are here to stay!  They are already part of our daily habits (take the example of Amazon). The change in mindset, for example, in buying, health, or educational behavioral is already part of our lives (we order online, educate online, consult a doctor online: the list is long and continues to grow).

Currently the demand and solutions proposed are important. We are a “connected society”. This will continue to develop at a huge level in terms of technology and understanding of the demand. We are only at the tip of the iceberg!
All industries are concerned and nearly all professions. On a personal or consumer basis, we are all concerned!

If this area interests you, the roles are diverse depending on your skills: IT - Data Analyst, E-commerce, content manager, logistics, etc.

As an expat, the use of technology is part of your life. Why not think about the technological, communication, relationship, country specific skills which you have acquired during this period, to turn them into a new career development!

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Photo: Pexels