New Year's Resolution: Sharing Expertise in 2019


2018 is wrapping up; we are preparing to welcome in the new one.

Last year, at this period, I wrote the article “5 New Year's Resolutions that can work”.

This year, rather than write about new resolutions, I would rather dedicate the time to reflect on whether we really kept and reached our resolutions.

The first point in the 5 resolutions was:

“Be caring and sincere. In a work context, this can be translated into sharing expertise. In a personal context, this can be translated into giving a helping hand”.

The openness to knowledge sharing is a personal trait that is of utmost importance in both a professional and personal level. We live in a world where we can readily access information online, however, without the help and mentoring of those who are experienced and knowledgeable in a domain, we can quickly misunderstand and get lost in our endeavors or objectives.

Mentoring people who need or ask our expertise is something vital for the continuation of knowledge transmission. It helps others in their aptitude of analysis and to make the right decision. The more experience we have, the more we have encountered situations where, we have had to make decisions (whether right or wrong!). In any case, experience makes us learn and with experience, we can transmit to others, where we failed or how we succeeded.

We all have something to share. Why keep it to oneself?  We have also a lot to learn from the people we mentor. The world is changing at a face pace!  We must be able to adapt and continue to listen and learn from others.

Offering advice and guidance should come naturally and be collaborative. For experienced professionals who mentor others, we become better and more respected leaders.

Expatriation is an opportunity to transmit your knowledge and skills.  While I was on expatriation, I met wonderful people coming from different horizons and with different skills. Together, we regrouped these skills to create a project of knowledge transmission to younger members, the Generation Z.

Giving a part of your time, to mentor and help others to continue to develop, is a vital sign of your leadership and sincerity.

Continue to share your knowledge!

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