Jennifer Kuhne who is a PhD student, as well as a TCK and ATCK, recently reached out me as she is currently working on a PhD on the topic of "Adult Third Culture Kids (ATCKs)". For this, Jennifer has developed an English online questionnaire and is now looking for participants for her survey. Her goal is to get answers from as many participants together - at least 1000 by the mid of April 2019. If you fill the criteria for her survey or know someone who does, please help Jennifer in her PhD research, by filling in the survery or forwarding to potential participants who fill the criteria.  

Topic: (as supplied by Jennifer Kuhne - Researcher)

"Growing up in three different countries, between two cultures and two languages before I turned 18 has significantly shaped me to be the person I am today. I learned in my mid-20s that others with a similar background are often called “Third Culture Kids (TCKs)”. This made me curious to find out more. We TCKs are growing in numbers due to the impact of globalization and heightened international lifestyles. I soon discovered that a lot of research has already been conducted on TCKs as children, teenagers and people in their early twenties. However, less research has been directed towards TCKs as adults.

After working full-time for a while myself, I decided to go for my PhD, conduct my own research and contribute to the growing academic knowledge about “Adult Third Culture Kids (ATCKs)”. I reasoned that a TCK upbringing probably continues to affect us as adults and the way we work in our jobs. Focusing on ATCKs in my research work, I would like to find out if Adult TCKs have attained and developed specific skills and competence, which they are able to use in their daily professional work-life".

Here are the key facts about the PhD survey: Adult Third Culture Kids (ATCKs):

Selection Criteria:
The survey participants must please
- currently be 20 years of age or older, and
- have lived in two or more countries for at least one year each between age of 0-18, but not as part of an educational exchange program and,
- be a salaried employee, (not self-employed), and working 20 hours or more per week.
Time & Language:
approx. 10 minutes; easy English


Thank you for your helping Jennifer in her PhD Research!
Should you have any questions about the survey or her research, please do not hesitate in contacting Jennifer:

Jennifer Kuhne
Johannes Gutenberg-University in Mainz/Germany

Thank You

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