"The Voice" and "Presence" of the Expat Accompanying Partner


What is the impact and importance of "The Voice" and "Presence" of the Expat Accompanying Partner in a dual career? 

Who Understands My Story?

You should be asking the questions:

Are they aware of my expertise? Are they listening to me? Do they advise me? Do they accompany me in my moments of solitude and questioning? Are they directing me in my  "Return to Work"?

To counter the unbalance that your aspirations are going unheard, please share your valuable experience and advice with the blog readers on how to improve and spread "The Voice and Understanding of the Importance of the Role of the Accompanying Partner in an Expat Assignment" and "How To Return To Work After A Period As An Expat Accompanying Partner".

An “Accompanying Partner” holds a huge role in the success of an Expat Assignment. Your Voice And Experience Should Be Heard And Considered!


Thank you.

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