Could a leopard really change its spots? Could you?

If you are living outside your homeland, being different to those in your environment is not always easy to live with. You may feel a pressure to change.

The above also applies to life in general, being different comes with its challenges.
You stand out from the crowd; you don’t go unnoticed. 

If you are feeling a pressure coming from others to change; my reply to this is:
If you want to change, make the change for you, not for others!

Understanding and knowing yourself is fundamental before embarking on self-change.

When the pressure to change is coming from outside, in order to please or to be accepted, we may make initial efforts to change. However, if our efforts go unrecognized, we may get tired of making the effort,  hence frustration can set in and we often abandon.

To succeed in changing something, we need to personally believe in the benefits of the change!

Change involves an inner effort. There is often a price to pay to make the change happen; a trade-off between something we innately like doing and something we need to do.

I would be interested in having your thoughts on Can a leopard really change its spots? Can You?

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Author. Brid Doherty-Appriou
Photo by Charlotte Karlsen on Unsplash