Offered a great career opportunity which involves a first time move abroad with your family?

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for you and for your family to discover a new country and a new culture.
To ensure that the move abroad with your family runs smoothly from the start, the following are 4 essential tips:

Location: Take a prior trip with your family to the destination, so that they can discover their new surroundings.

Schools: Rent a home not far from your children’s schools.  Research in advance the schooling options for your children.

Dual Careers: Does your partner have the possibility to receive a work visa. If not, what other options are open to them. It is important that they are intellectually and career wise happy and fulfilled during this period abroad.

Holidays: It is key for your family to return when possible to their home country. Keeping contact with family, friends, ex work colleagues is vital for their identity and future well-being.

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Photo: Pexels