Happy Accompanying Partners March 2020: My Best Wishes to Accompanying Partners

Yesterday, three years ago, Third Cultural Professionals was launched and yesterday 2 years ago, I launched a celebration for you, for all Accompanying Partners.   

This year I am late in wishing you my celebrations, the current situation worldwide, unfortunately changed my planning. My thoughts are with you all. Many of you are at this moment confined to your host country. Take care and keep safe.

3 years ago, I was an Expat Accompanying Partner, a stay at home Mum who had left a career behind to follow her partner. With hindsight, I don’t regret that period (other than not working), as that period equipped me with other resources and expertise. 

It is a strange experience finding myself 3 years later, again at home, this time confined but in a different context. This time I am carrying out my career from home. 

My thoughts today, as I write, are with all those affected with the virus, for the health workers and other personnel mobilized to take care of us and for those who for the well being of all, are confined to home. It is a difficult and unprecedented period,which will all overcome together.
What many Expat Accompanying Partners are used to living in their daily lives, others are now experiencing. That of Staying at Home! It is not easy to live and it takes a strong and positive attitude. 

A period as an Expat Accompanying Partner gives you the resilience and the organizational skills to work remotely and to stay positive. These are important soft skills and expertise which the future work force will need. 

Happy Belated Accompanying Partners Day. 

My thoughts are with you, your family and loved ones.

Take Care, Stay Heatlhy and Stay Safe.

Author: Brid Doherty-Appriou
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Photo by bongkarn thanyakij from Pexels