5 Habits to adopt for your job search during the Coronavirus period

This is an unprecedented and difficult situation which we are all living. My thoughts are with those who are fighting for their lives and for the health workers who are treating them.

We may not be feeling motivated (and this is normal), however, it is a period which will end. For the moment, we must remain patient, safe and continue to advance.

5 Tips

-         Remain Positive.
-         Get up in the morning like you normally would.
-         Take the time for you and your family.
-         Follow up with your contacts and keep active online.
-         Join podcasts and webinars that interest you.

And finally, remember, it will end, and decisions will be taken later.

Keep safe. Take care.

Author: Brid Doherty-Appriou
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Photo by ThisIsEngineering from Pexels