How to prepare a great video interview

As I write this article, worldwide we are all living an unprecedented and difficult situation. My thoughts are with those who are affected and with their families. Also, for those who are constrained to their homes. Keep safe and try to keep as much as possible, a normal life routine and a positive outlook.

Finding a new job or career may not be your first priority during this difficult moment, however, it is important for our wellbeing, to try to remain intellectually and physically active and connected. 

There are new trends appearing or on the increase. The huge increase in video interviews being one which is no doubt here to stay. There are many great applications for this, such as Zoom and Skype. I am currently remote working and use video applications to keep contact with clients, candidates and colleagues. 
Recruiters and companies are currently using video interviews to interview candidates.

So how to prepare for video interviews. The following are some tips:

Prepare yourself like a face to face interview. Dress accordingly, dark colors normally look better via video. 

Conduct the video in a space which has good lighting and is tidy. Make sure that your camera is well positioned and that you are seated well. Keep eye contact with your interlocutor.
      Check all connections are working well such as wi-fi, camera and micro. During the current period, given the amount of traffic on the networks, there are often bugs. Therefore, be prepared to sometimes loose the connection. If this happens, stay calm, try to reconnect and keep the person on the other end informed of this by sending a message. If all else fails, make sure you have their telephone number to call them for example via WhatsApp.

      Be natural but also professional. It is not always easy to conduct an interview via video. For many, it takes practice before feeling comfortable in front of the camera. 

      Relax, take the time to exchange with your interlocutor. Be prepared, know your subject matter, the role in question and the company, ask questions and show your interest and motivation for the role.

The recruitment process will be longer now. Video interviews are a first step and a great way to make a great first and lasting connection with your interlocutor.

Remote working will be a huge employment opportunity for the future. The more we are at ease with video interviewing and the more we are technologically savvy, the more employable we are.

Stay safe!

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