Great leaders are also great communicators: Communicating during Coronavirus

We are living a difficult situation, which we were not prepared for.

For many, we have already spent over 50 days in confinement. Confinement does not represent the same feeling or consequences for all. Some are living this period of confinement well, others not. Those who are not and who are the majority, are often living in highly populated suburban areas, in small living spaces, with limited internet access, alone and often worried about the future.

This is where transparent, clear, well-intentioned, people communication comes into place during an unprecedented crisis. To communicate well during this period, we need to be clear, effective, well-meant and realistically optimistic in the message we are sending out; in order that the message is understood, applied, accepted and gives a certain hope for the future.

Since the start of this crisis, communication has been ambiguous, either on a global, local or work level.

In a working environment, communication and management are interlinked. A good manager should be a good communicator and well intentioned for their team.   If not, the message is not understood, badly interpreted and unaccepted, guidelines are not executed, and the company vision is lost.

If you are a great communicator, with a vision, project and ambition that is well intentioned for all, then this is the time to start putting into place your ideas for a better future workplace.

Those with great employee, corporate communication skills and empathy, have an opportunity to help others during this crisis and after. 

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Photo: Jon Tyson - Unsplash