Take control of your career search during the Coronavirus

There are certain things which we can control in life, others not. Covid-19 arrived on us like a tsunami which is having a huge and swift impact on our personal and professional lives. Worldwide populations and societies are impacted.

All the consequences of the coronavirus cannot be controlled, such as confinement, limited movement, remote working, schools closed and an uncertain future after the Coronavirus. However, there are aspects which we can personally control. We can decide how to accept this situation with a positive outlook and by doing so, preserving our health, personal wellbeing and career search. 

This period will end, and we will get back to a normal life again. How that normal life looks, no-one really knows for the moment. There is a lot of speculation on what the economy, social interaction and employment opportunities will look like after. However, despite the uncertainty, we can control how we accept to move forward and in doing so, be prepared for now and for the future.

The good news is that despite certain industry sectors cutting jobs, slowing down or putting on hold recruitments, others are in full expansion and currently recruiting. There is a huge increase in the number of job offers for healthcare workers, delivery companies, local agriculture and production, online learning/education, computer and IT and remote meeting and communication.

If we look at some of the sectors on this list, the work can be done or is done remotely. During this period, these industries are hiring.  Many are waiving the traditional face- to-face interview and making job offers based on a great video interview (Skype, Zoom…).

To come out of this period as best as possible, we must control our motivation and continue to be proactive. We can control how we organize our day at home, such as putting aside time to rewrite our CV, continue our job search, send out applications, carry out video interviews, develop our network, assist webinars/ podcasts and participate to professional social media.

Remember that we are living an unprecedented situation where we should not feel guilty about having lapses in the day when the motivation level is low. During these periods, exercise and spend time with loved ones.  To be the best in what we do, we also need a good dose of health, energy and human support.

Take care.

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Photo by Hello I’m Nik on Unsplash