A career in well-being with Generation Alpha as clients

One of the positive aspects of this difficult period is that consumers are becoming more conscious of buying local and taking care of themselves and the environment.

With a perturbed supply chain, we are seeing more local and in season fruit and vegetables in our stores. With clothes stores closed, we realize as adults and teenagers that we have what we need in our wardrobes. The next time we buy something, we will probably ask the question; do we really need it, or is it just an impulse buy. We will in most cases look more closely at the origin and quality of an item before buying.

This was already a growing trend in place with certain generations in particular the Generation Alpha (those born after 2010) who are particularly attached to ethics, the environment and transparency. They are now finding themselves living an unprecedented situation where many as young teenagers are confronted with a very changing world: confinement, virtual learning, social activities stopped and where technology is their main tool and access to the outside world.

They are digitally savvy and informed. A normal reflex of this generation is to check nutrition content, a brand's origin, social diversity and the state of the world they live in. It is probably the generation who has been the most informed from a young age: access to information and influential bloggers is at their fingertips. With all this information, they also realize the importance of well-being for themselves and our planet. They are prepared to buy less and pay more for better quality and brand ethics, as well as paying a particular attention and care to their physical and mental health.

Well-being in a personal and professional domain will see an increased demand in the future from Generation Alpha and other generations who have also become increasingly conscious of the fragility of the world we live in and the importance of health and well-being.

There are career opportunities, a purpose and personal satisfaction to seize from this. If you are thinking of reorientating your career and have a real interest in well-being, now is the time to either follow a training / education or prepare your business plan. A keyword search on well-being and careers will give you a good idea of the different options open in this domain and the necessary qualifications.

Take care.

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Photo: Pexels