Today, I would like to share with readers of the blog an upcoming event on self-worth from the Self Worth Academy.

What exactly is self-worth?

« Self-worth is a deep belief in your inherent value as a person, from a position of unconditional friendship with yourself. You don’t earn self-worth by doing worthy things: you already have it ».1

Knowing your self-worth will greatly help YOU to be in total harmony with yourself and to be fulfilled in all walks of life.

Guiding you towards your awareness and appreciation of YOUR self-worth, a leading line-up of international speakers are hosting the online conference “Self-Worth Week”, 8 to 11 February 2021.

This event is all about YOU and focused on 3 central topics:




The week promises to be rich in inspiration, content, and interactive exchanges, with a full programme comprised of TED Talks, live interviews, presentations, and panel discussions.

Amongst the international line-up of speakers is Edyta Serwicka. Edyta has a long experience of expatriation and at one point in her career was an ‘Accompanying Partner’. She understands intimately the “benefits “, as well as the “challenges” of being an Accompanying Partner.

Edyta’s presentation during the Self-Worth Week will be for all types of Expats, including the Accompanying Partners. She will talk about the different stages of expatriate adjustment and how to create the Self-Worth Mindset to better deal with the emotional impact of moving countries, such as anxiety, loss of identity, culture shock, loss of self-confidence...

Edyta will also be giving practical tips on how to reinvent yourself in a new country, with joy and using self-worth.

For details on the programme, the full list of speakers and how to register online, please refer to:

More information on self-worth can be found at:

Self-Worth Week, an event not to be missed! Please share in your network.



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