How to optimize your job search and organization with these 2 applications


I wanted to share with you two applications which I tested lately and which I am now a big fan of:


You are surfing on the web from either your laptop or mobile and you find interesting information on a site or blog which interests you. However, at that moment, you do not have the time to read it attentively!  No worries, as with Pocket, you can save it directly to the app and view it later, either online or offline. There is a free service which is easy to use and with a clear interface.


Another great time saver is this RSS reader app. It is also user friendly, with a free service offer (which is enough to get started), where you can register the websites and blogs which interest you and then save and classify them in the application. Each time you log into Feedly, you will get a list of all the new publications from the sites which you followed. Note: rather than having too much information arriving in your feed, it is good to take the time beforehand to choose which sources you wish to add.

Both these applications can be used in your job search as a means of sourcing, organizing, and keeping up to date with companies and trends in your domain or of interest to you.

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Photo: Adrianna Calvo - Pexels