How to improve your public speaking in English


For many, speaking in public is a nerve-racking prospect. I assure you though that with practice and the right techniques, your public speaking can improve.

In our lives we have been or might be confronted with a situation where we must speak in front of an audience, should it before 5 or 500 people! The larger the audience, the more stressful the task can be. The better prepared we are for this eventuality, the less anxiety we will feel.

If you are presenting in a language such as English which is not your native language, this can add extra stress and negative thoughts: will the audience understand my accent? will I remember my presentation? will I find the right words? will I be able to understand and reply to questions…?

The following are some of the situations where you may have to speak in English in front of a public:

During a company presentation,

During a job interview before a panel,

During a roundtable.

While job searching, you may also be asked to supply a short video pitch in English of yourself, your experience, and your motivation for the role. This is also a form of public speaking where you must present yourself in a clear and confident manner.

To be confident, it is important to manage your anxiety. It is well known that even the most experienced public speakers can be confronted with stage fright, but they have techniques to improve and to handle this.

Some of their techniques include:


They find out who their audience are and deliver a speech adapted to their audience,

They know their subject inside out,

They are good storytellers.


Remaining natural with their attention centered on the audience. Natural, however, does not mean forgetting to remain professional

Repeat and repeat.

This is key. Repeat the speech as many times as possible until it comes naturally but does not sound like you learned it by heart!

If you are a non-native English speaker, repeat in front of a native who is experienced in this domain. They will help you to structure your speech and communication and to correct certain vocabulary or pronunciation mistakes. With their help and advice, you will feel more confident and prepared.

Finally, remember that, even the most experienced speakers may be feeling the same way as you but with practice and the right techniques, we don't notice their anxiety! The same can work for you😃

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