Job Search: 5 tips to boost your self-esteem


What exactly is self-esteem?

It is our opinion of ourselves, how we value ourselves, as well as the confidence we have in our abilities.

Low self-esteem has an impact on one’s self-confidence. Rather than being positive and challenging oneself, this can lead to a lack of confidence to move forward. It can have a particular negative impact on job search and interview behaviour.

How to positively boost your self-esteem

Stop self-criticism

Rather than comparing yourself to others and seeing yourself in a bad light, remember that no one is perfect, we all have flaws.  Accepting one’s flaws and imperfections is a first move forward.

In a job interview, remain positive about your experiences and abilities. A negative mindset is to be avoided.

Don’t stay at home: get out and about

Encourage yourself to get out. Meeting up with friends or new people is a great way of challenging yourself, making new contacts and exchanging ideas.

Don’t go it alone: find a mentor

Find a mentor who is experienced in your domain and who will guide and help you to grow in confidence. They will also help you to self-reflect and grow in self-awareness.

Show gratitude to others

When others give you a helping hand, show your appreciation. By appreciating what others do for you, you gain in positive emotions and relationship building. This is important for your job search confidence and networking.

Always have a project

Job searching can be a lonesome and frustrating task. Rejection letters can lower one’s self-esteem. It is important to remember that you are not the only job applicant and if it didn’t work out this time, there will be other opportunities.

Having projects and objectives are keys factors in boosting self-esteem!

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