Interview or public speaking tips: Prepare


Whether you have a speech to give or an interview to pass, to ensure that all goes smoothly, work on the “preparation”.

The following is a 5-point list to help you prepare:

  • Don’t wait until the last minute. A good speech or presentation takes time to prepare
  • Do your research on the topic or the company and position. To help you organise the information, file the relevant information in word document or in a mind map which will help you remain focused on the topic and to collect and organise information
  • Know your numbers and dates
  • Write down and repeat your personal pitch. It should be short, clear, and punchy and no longer than 1 minute long
  • Once you have collected and organised the information, repeat out loud. You can do this by recording yourself (video or audio) and by practicing in front of a friend or a professional. Getting feedback on how you can improve before the big day is essential to correct your verbal or non-verbal communication.

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