Asynchronous/automated video interviews


Automated video interviews are on the rise when it comes to large-scale/high volume recruiting, however they come with their shortfalls mainly due to their impersonal and automatised nature.  

This can make them a cold and anxiety driven experience especially for first time job seekers or those who have been out of the job market for some time and who lack interviewing experience, techniques, and confidence.

The main setbacks/negative aspects to this type of automated interviewing can be: pressure to record the interview within a short time lapse (such as pitching yourself and your interest in one minute!), not enough prior explications on how the interview will be conducted, not understanding the questions asked and not having the possibility to ask for them to be rephrased in another way, not knowing how many attempts you have before hitting the send button, not knowing who will be visualising the video , no exchange with another human and not knowing where your personal data will be stocked and for how long!

For first time job seekers or those whose interview skills are rusty, this type of interviewing cannot replace the benefits, experience and feedback which is gained from exchanging with the HR or hiring manager whether it be face-to-face or by video conferencing. Recruiting is a human process and candidates appreciate when you take the time to exchange with them and give them constructive feedback on why their application was not retained and on how they can improve for future interviews.

The following is an excellent link to an article from the BBC on asynchronous video interviews

If you need help on preparing for an automated video interview or an in-person interview, please reach out to me directly.

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Article link: BBC. Photo: Pexels - Karolina Grabowska