Tips on how to improve your English presentation skills


In 2022, English is still the most widely used language for international business.

To improve your English presentation skills, the following are some useful tips.

Firstly, structure is critical to successful communication. Knowing your objective, the different stages of the speech, as well as the main points of each are key success factors.

Stage 1: How to start your presentation or speech

First impressions are very important. Research says that in the first 37 seconds, you can either captivate or loose the attention of your audience!
Therefore, you should make a positive first impression.

NB: this advice becomes even more difficult and complicated when you are giving a virtual speech or presentation in a second language!

Some examples to open your speech

  • Start with a positive statement and by thanking the audience for their presence
  • Begin with a figure from a study. People remember figures such as, 90% of the world population do not have access to...

Stage 2: Content: How to build the middle part (body)

This is where your major ideas should be developed.

The questions you should be asking are:

  • What main points do I want to get across?
  • What is the goal I want to achieve?

Once you have answered these questions

  • List your points and for each slide (ex: PowerPoint), deal with one point only per slide
  • Make your points chronological. There should be a coherence when moving from one point to the other. Keep the most impactful point for the end
  • Don't have too many points, as the audience will have difficult retaining all. It is important that they go away remembering the main message of your speech
  • Constantly ask yourself the question: what do I want the audience to take away on leaving?

Stage 3: Conclusion; How to close your presentation

This should end strong!

The final part of your speech is to summarise, to conclude and to ensure that your audience leave with your message and idea clearly in mind.

  • Your posture at the end should be energetic, enthusiastic; to make the audience go away with this lasting memory
  • Speak with strength, conviction and confidence
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