Ageism and job search


To be honest, I am doubtful and slightly “bothered” when I read well-intended articles or posts that talk about “ageism” and that after “45” our professional life is dependent on the regard and biases of others. It can sometimes be even counterproductive as it can lead to the belief that finding a job after "45" will be a difficult, even impossible task. This type of belief is already discouraging and can lead to demotivation.

What about looking at it from a different angle, that of the natural lifecycle? Ageism is not just a term applied to the over “45” age group. It was initially coined by Robert N.Butler to describe discrimination against other adults. Today, this term is applied to all prejudices against all ages: child, teenager, adult or senior!

Ultimately, we will all grow old, we all have our period as a child, teenager, young adult, midlife, and senior adult. It is a lifecycle that we can’t change.
So rather than resuming “I didn’t get the job because I am over 45”, try to understand why.
It could be as simple as the job advertised states “2 years’ experience in…”.
I understand how difficult and frustrating it is to look for a job and to be on the job market, but if the Job Description is looking for someone with 2 years’ experience and you have 30 years’ experience, then logically there is a difference in their requirements and your experience.

I know that it can make you feel downhearted and left feeling that it is against your age but try to look at it from a different perspective that of “this is junior position”. My advice is, concentrate your energy on positions and companies that are looking for experienced candidates.
As an experienced candidate looking for a new position you should however, show that you are adaptable and open to change.

Spend your precious time by surrounding yourself with positive people who help you progress, as well as being a lifelong learner and keeping up to date with new changes in your domain.

Last thought: Quotes to make you feel ageless

“Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age and dreams are forever.” ~ Walt Disney
“You can’t help getting older, but you don’t have to get old.” ~ George Burns

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