They rock at 50-plus! What are their secrets?


Who are the 50-plus who appear to be untouched by negative stereotyping? As a career coach, a former head-hunter and myself in this 50-plus category, I was naturally very curious to learn from them. So, I reached out to my network to have their insight!

Before looking at their secrets, I would like to point out that ageism is related to all and that it needs to be combated. As a reminder, according to the WHO “Ageism refers to the stereotypes (how we think), prejudice (how we feel) and discrimination (how
we act) towards others or oneself based on age”1
The following is a list of points and observations that often turned up during our discussions:

  1. They seldom complain
  2. They have positive communication
  3. They respect the opinions of all generations
  4. They are not afraid to speak their mind where necessary
  5. They possess self-awareness: they know who they are, their values and where they want to go
  6. They move on. They are not fixed in the past
  7. They love to travel and to meet new people and cultures
  8. They have multiple interests
  9. They keep up-to-date with technology
  10. They mix classic and modern styles, and you will often see them shopping high-street fashion
  11.  They are eager to learn about new trends
  12. They network and socialise. They are open to others
  13. They surround themselves with people of all age groups
  14.  They like to have fun
  15. For them age is just a number
  16.  They enjoy each day
  17. They take care of themselves both physically and mentally
  18. They always have projects. They are future thinking
  19. They like to mentor and to share advice
  20. They have ambition and know their worth
  21. They have a can-do attitude
  22. They may have experienced difficult times, yet they don’t dwell on them.

What struck me looking at each individual list is that all the interviewees spoke about:

positivity, self-awareness, openness to others, keeping up to date with trends and technology and remaining active and enjoying each moment!

We can all counter stereotypes! Remain positive 🌟 

Enjoy the weekend!





Photo Pexels:  Nataliya Vaitkevich

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