Communication skills: The power of observation and listening


Have you ever left a meeting or social event and felt that you’d talked too much! That no one else had the opportunity to give their opinion or you can’t remember their opinion!

Sometimes, talking too much is because of an over dimensioned ego, other times, it’s because you are in a situation where you’re feeling uncomfortable or anxious and you want to fill the void! This often happens when you are communicating in a second language, and you want to be “heard”.

When you feel that surge to fill the empty space, take time to observe others, let them talk, listen.
Listening to others is a key skill. Observing and understanding others’ emotions by their non-verbal cues is another. 

By applying this, you may see or sense things that others haven’t noticed.

We learn a lot from listening and observing even if we don’t share the same viewpoint at the start!

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