The place of AI in language learning


I’m a strong advocate for advances in technology and education. I see things from a pragmatic, skills-based perspective. The more we innovate with AI, the more we can save time and relieve people of tedious tasks like research. We used to have a local library, now it's online!

However, learning a language is much more complicated than simply using AI to correct mistakes or write a "winning essay".  AI can indeed help with written assignments, but when faced with a real face-to-face situation where you have to speak and express your opinion, you are on your own with your skills and creativity! Your AI application has not been invited! You are alone!

For now, AI cannot help you with all the different aspects of face-to-face communication such as non-verbal cues and culture.

The power of communication still remains in face-to-face interactions (verbal and non-verbal) and our ability and innovation in expressing emotions and situations. We have a lot to learn from AI, but for now, AI has still a lot to learn from us!

A tip: if you are learning or improving your English skills, keep writing and speaking in English without the help of an AI tool. It's the best way to learn and to express your own opinion!

PS: I did not use AI to correct or remove mistakes from this post. I'm still writing without AI help! It's my style of communicating, not that of an AI application!

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Photo : Pexels – Tara Winstead