Happy Accompanying Partners Day and 6th Anniversary of Third Culture Professionals


On the 26th of March 2017, the blog Third Culture Professionals was launched for Accompanying Partners, those who follow their partners abroad to another country. At that time, I was an Accompanying Partner and really understood from an inside view this important role, especially when dual careers and bringing up a family are parts of the equation. With my experience in Executive Search, Recruitment and Expatriation, I had a strong desire to help and to motivate other Accompanying Partners. That passion is still there 6 years later.

Over the past 6 years some things have changed but the fundamental vision of Third Culture Professionals remains intact, that of partnering with and motivating Accompanying Partner, Expats and all those pursuing or interested in pursuing an international career. The blog and trademark recently extended into offering related services and coaching.

For those who are unfamiliar with the trademark Third Culture Professionals (TCP), its’ meaning, its’ definition as defined during its’ creation in March 2017:

 “TCP’s are part of the expat world. He/she can be a person on an assignment abroad or an accompanying partner. I define “TCP” as a group of career orientated professionals who have experience of working and or/living abroad in a culture that is different to their homeland culture. Subsequently, TCP’s have developed intercultural and new skills that are an asset for a globally diverse world and workplace”.

A TCP is someone who has their own culture (homeland), lives and works in a culture that is not their own (host land), therefore during expatriation, they are between two cultures. They live and experience a third culture (a mix of both homeland and host land) which is difficult to explain if you have never experienced or been part of it. This experience develops and enhances practical soft skills such as adaptability, cultural awareness, critical thinking and resilience which are critical skills for the future of work.

To all those Accompanying Partners, Expats and International Career Professionals who follow the blog, those who I have met with and coached or coach at present, I wish you a Happy Accompanying Partners Day and invite you to celebrate the 6th anniversary of Third Culture Professionals with me.

Thank you for following Third Culture Professionals 🙏

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Photo: Pexels – Artem Saranin