Should you use ChatGPT to review your CV?


If it’s free, it’s too good to be true!

With all the recent months of buzz and hype around ChatGPT, users are now waking up to and becoming aware of some of the major disadvantages of its’ use such the privacy concerns associated with using ChatGPT.

The first in Europe to be cautious and ban ChatGPT around privacy concerns (notably GDPT regulations) was Italy. Germany and Ireland have since contacted the Garante, Italy’s privacy regulator to have more information!

The General Data Protection Regulation is a Regulation in EU law. It lists the rights of the data subject, meaning the rights of the individuals whose personal data is being processed. As an individual, you have the right to request that your personal information is removed and deleted. However, for the moment there is no regulation on this for ChatGPT or similar applications.  So, when you use ChatGPT to review your CV and you use personal information, you have no control on where your information is going, where it is diffused and who is using it and for what means.  In case of dispute, it is impossible to know who to turn to. Please consult their privacy policy before handing over sensitive information, such as your location, name etc.

Just some thoughts around using ChatGPT for sensitive information. For CV writing prompts and non-sensitive research, it can be a great tool to give you a starting point for further reflection!

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