How discovering a new culture boosts your appreciation of life


How discovering a new culture boosts your appreciation of life

Have you ever felt that you are falling into a rut, that every day is like another, that you no longer feel the energy or motivation to keep going in a positive manner. That your self-confidence is hitting rock bottom. That nothing interests you anymore. That you see all in a negative manner and no longer feel joy from the simple pleasures in life.

These feelings can be particularly pronounced during a lengthy period of job searching where the toll of rejection has an impact on self-confidence and motivation.

If the above is your case, then maybe it is the moment to take time out, to change environment, to take a trip to somewhere far away where you know no-one, where you do not speak the language and where the culture is new to you. A place where you can take a break from behind the computer and your online presence. A period where your day is no-longer rhythmed by waiting on the notification sound of an incoming message. Time to put yourself on mode “Offline” and do something different.

Getting out of your comfort zone, being propelled into an unfamiliar environment has a wealth of benefits that help you to become a stronger and more positive person as well as broadening your horizons if you are looking for a job or a new pathway.

You may discover new life lessons. That there exist cultures where performance is not the main priority, where taking your time to appreciate others and traditions are an important aspect of life. Where being helpful is not seen as a sign of weakness. Where time waiting is not considered as time wasted. Where you learn to be patient and accept that that we are billions on this earth, all seeking something different. That relationships are key to happiness, where taking care of family, friends and those who are less well off than you are key existential values.

Where you rediscover yourself, trust yourself, where you learn to try again, to keep going without giving up. Where you find joy in the simple pleasures of life such as nature, music, and art.

Where you have precious time out to marvel at the diversity of the world and the cultural richness that makes it up.

Where a change of mindset can bring better results than waiting for the notification sound of an incoming message!

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Photo: Pexels – Leah Kelley