Are you looking for experts who speak English in France?

I am currently in contact with non-French speaking professionals living in France. Most of them have already a basic level in French as they are following intensive classes and are fully motivated to learn French. They are all experienced professionals coming from different industries and functions. The one thing they have all in common is their desire and motivation to find a job. However, it feels like an impossible quest to find a job in France if you don’t speak French. Sure, you can find a job as a nanny, bartender, or seasonal worker, but these are professionals who want to continue in their domain of expertise.

I know that it is already difficult for qualified French candidates to find work. It can be a long and stressful period, but without having a good level of French, it seems a mission impossible for others. Like French candidates, these candidates are trying hard to find a job. They explore every option available: full-time, temporary contracts and many are even open to changing careers where their soft skills are transferable.

Most, never get a reply to their application and when they do it is “no” reply. The few who have had a first call with the recruiter have been astonished. They applied to a job advertisement in English which fitted their expertise and asked for an advanced level in English and didn’t mention the need to speak French. During this first (and last) telephone interview, they found out that the recruiter doesn’t speak English and the interview ends as quickly as it starts. This mismatch causes frustration and wastes opportunities.

If I am reaching out to you, it is not to complain but to address the problem and try to put in place something that can help these professionals to find a job that fits their experience and aspirations. If you have needs or know another company who recruits professionals living in France who are actively learning French, please send me a DM via LinkedIn and join my network. When you have a position that does not require “full proficiency in French” and requires an international profile and expertise, please contact me. I will happily try to match your needs with professionals in my network. I am doing this as a favour for these candidates, there is no financial transaction involved. I just want to help them find a job.

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Photo: Pexels - Andrea Piacquadi