Improve your English while enjoying the summer months!


Summer is a time for relaxation, enjoying the sun, visiting new destinations, and catching up on reading. It is also a special season for spending quality time with family and friends, sharing long lunches and dinners. To make these moments even more enjoyable and educational, you can engage everyone around the table in easy-to-organize English learning activities.

One I have tried which requires only paper, pens, and a stopwatch, is as follows:

Choose a person from the group who will be the facilitator.

The facilitator announces a category, such as "European capitals."

Each player has one minute to write down ten European capitals.

For each correct answer, players earn a score of one.

The instructor continues to announce other categories, like "English-speaking actresses," "English classical book titles," "Fruits," "American film titles.”

This game provides a simple and enjoyable way to memorize and learn English vocabulary, while also developing knowledge about English-speaking countries and their culture.

Remember, learning becomes easier when it participative, practical, and fun!

Wishing you a fantastic summer!

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Photo: Unsplash – Mason Dahl