Job Search: demystifying an ATS by understanding “parsing.”


To understand one of the basic functionalities of an ATS, you must understand “parsing.” One definition of parsing is “Analyse (a string or text) into logical syntactic components.” So, if you think of your Resume/CV, it should be logical and with a correct grammatical arrangement which is clear for an ATS to order it correctly for the final reader i.e.: the hiring manager, HR or recruiter.

Avoid a Resume/CV with diifferent text boxes and no apparent logical pattern. Organise clearly your Resume/CV firstly with your name, contact details (town/city, email, telephone, LinkedIn profile), professional summary, experience (responsibilities and achievements), education etc.

NB: If you use a format (heavy in graphics, pictures, icons and text boxes), it is complicated for the ATS to decipher and logically order it in a way that the end reader has the right information in the right place.

Tip: Keep your Resume/CV clear and sharp, save it to PDF format so that the people looking at it (recruiter, hiring manager or HR) see it in the format you intended.

PS: I am not an expert in ATS, but I think it is important to explain some of the basic functionalities of an ATS.

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