Clickbait: Marketing lures on professional social media

The following is an example of an action type request on LinkedIn.

“If you'd like free access to this resource, please drop a comment below 👇

PS: there are many different formulations, this is just a formulation type example of a click-bait.

Without thinking, you click “like” and reply directly to the post giving your personal email address to have access to the resource. By doing this, your email address is visible to others and open to phishing.

If it is too good to be true, think twice. You could be the bait! Ask yourself the following questions: do we know the person who is offering this? What is their expertise in this domain? Are they credible? Are we connected to them? Do they propose the possibility to DM them directly? Do they state there is no engagement on your part to follow up with a paid service?

If not, you should be thinking twice before replying and giving out your personal information. 😉

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