2024: How to make sense of career advice on social media


Today, I was asked by a job search group the question “how to make sense of all that career advice offered on social media?

Sharing with you some of the advice I shared with them.

We are approaching the third week of 2024 and a lot of the career advice that was circulating on social media prior is still there but revamped to make it look fresher and up to date. The reality is that nothing has changed. If you want to find a new job, it involves understanding and putting in place the following:

1.      Companies are looking to recruit employees with experience in the job they are looking for. There are exceptions such as students looking for an internship or a work placement. If companies have a choice of candidates, they will “mostly” always choose a candidate with experience in the role over someone with none. Less risk for them! It is as simple as that. Ask yourself the following question “what value do I bring to the position and company?”

2.      An up-to-date CV/Resume without spelling errors and in a format that is easy to read for the recruiter. Highlight your accomplishments to show the value you can bring to the role. Once again, this value must be relevant to the role.

3.      An ATS is not your enemy. There is normally always a real-life recruiter who will read your CV/Resume unless there were knock-out questions in the application that you filled in, such as “do you have a driving licence?” or “do you have a work permit to work here?”

4.      Only those who have connections, or a network succeed! The reality is that the majority of those who have a network and connections went after those connections. They worked hard on developing and nurturing their network. They did not wait on someone to hand it to them on a plate! Be proactive and develop your network.

5.      Finally, be careful about what you post on social media. No matter what you went through during a past unpleasant work experience, do not publish it on social media. We can learn from our experiences and share them at the right time, not when you are vulnerable looking for job.

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Photo Pexels: Geroge Milton