Personal Identity: Sheep behaviour on social media


Ask yourself this question: 

Do you follow people on social media because they communicate well and brand themselves just as you would love to? They seem to lead a normal life while successfully managing a million-dollar business. They accompany their kids to school, cook dinner every night, and share photos of their family all together in paradisiacal locations. They have ventured into creating 10 companies; 9 out of 10 failed, but the last one emerged as the winner – a testament to the lessons learned and the tenacity exhibited in getting there.

And yet, as a sheep, you are influenced and find yourself following the crowd and succumbing to clickbait, subscribing to a monthly newsletter. You are now part of the flock where people adopt certain behaviours, beliefs, or choices simply because others are doing the same, like how a flock of sheep may move in unison.

A thought for 2024

What if you decided to develop and trace your own personal identity, to develop your own voice?

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Photo Pexels: Matthias Zommer