WHY and HOW to say NO


As a new week will soon begin, I want to share something valuable I've learned through personal experience and from listening to others return on experience: saying “no” is crucial for maintaining a healthy work-life balance and managing your time effectively. 

It's tempting to say yes to everything! But by learning to say “no”, you set clear boundaries and prioritise your own needs. This isn't about being unwilling to help others or thinking you're irreplaceable—it's about being honest with yourself and others. When you value your own time and energy, you can focus on what truly matters, both at work and in your personal life.


  • Being able to say “no” gives you more control over your life, reduces unnecessary stress and helps you to remain focused and concentrated on the essential. 
  • It aids you in your time management, keeping on the right track and making the right choices 
  • Start by looking at each request and seeing if it fits with your current workload and goals. If it doesn’t, politely decline. You can offer alternatives or suggest touching base later when you have more availability.

This way, you're considerate but still taking care of yourself. Remember, saying “no” is about respecting yourself and staying focused on the right priorities and objectives.

 “Focusing is about saying no”  Steve Jobs 

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