Accompanying Partners Day

The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate

Oprah Winfrey

One year ago, on the 26th March 2017, Third Culture Professionals was launched for the Accompanying Partners. The 26th March marks the 1st Anniversary of the blog and a date which I find appropriate, to start a yearly celebration for the Accompanying Partners.

Third Culture Professionals was created to bring motivating and practical career search advice and tips to Accompanying Partners, who envisage a return to work.  The first article went on line 29th March 2017:

My own expat experience, my observations of Third Culture Kids and others in the same situation brought the concept of Third Culture Professionals to life. The enriching skills one learns as a child living in a foreign country are similar to those acquired by adults living abroad.

The days of the Accompanying Partner being referred to as the “Trailing Spouse” are nearly over. Thankfully, this term is becoming obsolete. “Trailing Spouse” does not shed a glorifying or true picture of the partner. There is an increasing number of males following their partner and many  Accompanying Partners have taken a career break to support their partner and family.

Accompanying Partners should be recognised for their contribution, as they play a huge role in the success and wellbeing of an overseas assignment. On a professional note, they are often the forgotten half, yet their support, presence and daily management skills are key to a smooth period abroad.

To maximize your international experience, you need to have the confidence to be your own best advocate, to be able to brand and market yourself as a modern day Accompanying Partner. It also helps to surround yourself with a support network who motivate, inspire and encourage you to acquire new competencies. Competencies which are enriching for future career development, as well as, personal growth, awareness and fulfillment. 

Happy Accompanying Partners Day and Happy 1st Birthday to Third Culture Professionals. 

Your encouragement and feedback have been a driving force and inspiration. 
Wherever you are across the globe, have a great day and look forward to another enriching year with  you. 

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